Some faults us to comment when wanting a six pack

With the arrival of summer seems we enter the rush to wear a body ten, the vast majority of us tend to focus primarily on uncovering abs. For this there are many things we do, from killing us to train them, using reducing gels, carry spartan diets … So in this post we want to stop at some of the failures that we often make when working to get a six -pack.

On countless occasions, we have commented that the pillars when getting a six -pack are the diet above all, it is an area that usually accumulate liquids and fats. Second, we highlight aerobic exercise, and ultimately the direct training on the abdominal wall. On this basis, there are many other behaviors that we perform and that ultimately will not serve anything, they are just a waste of time and money in many cases even year to obtain the desired results. Continue reading

The future of a company is poised to become a digital business

A recent Forrester report “The Future of Business is Digital” emphasizes the need for digital transformation and warns companies and traders that a “gradual” approach is no longer enough. This report confirms our position and reveals that in most cases it is a mistake to think that digital technology works best when integrated core activities only, instead of being perceived as a comprehensive strategy.

In an ideal world, the future of a company is poised to become a digital business. In this blog, we are taking a look at why your business needs a digital transformation and what are the strategic advantages. To illustrate the degree of penetration of new technologies, such as applications in combination with the use of the Internet, we have summarized the results of other studies and reports in this chart: Continue reading